cANYAval returns for Trinidad Carnival 2016

 Carnival Monday Wear continues to dominate the Carnival fashion scene and carve out a niche of its own in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean. We wanted to know more about one particular brand that has been setting the pace for Carnival Fashion since the inception of Monday Wear that is cANYAval. We found out from the store manager of Exhibit A, Charissa Mohammed  what she has to say about the brand.


Q: What is cANYAval?

A: cANYAval is a carnival inspired brand that offers an online retail platform ( featuring apparel and accessories designed for the on the road, fete-ing and liming, with a host of contributing designers, whose lines are curated by founder, Anya Ayoung-Chee.


Q: Is that the only role of cANYAval?

A: cANYAval is also an events production company specializing in Carnival inspired experiences, held in Trinidad and in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles. cANYAval travels the world with carnivals collaborating with the bands throughout the world, including Toronto, Los Angeles, Jamaica, Barbados, and more.


Q: How can persons access cANYAval for purchase?

A: During the Trinidad Carnival season, Exhibit A hosts the cANYAval Pop Up Shop where all items available online are also available in store, the featured designers are hosted and carnival related activities are on constant rotation.

canyaval shop

Q: Who are the designers for this year?

A: Keisha Als makes a return as well as lots of new collaborations from Rhion Romany to Summer Jade and so many more.

summer jade x canyavalphotoshoot

Q: Where can persons find more information on cANYAval?



Instagram :


There is a sale on last year’s Carnival Monday Wear

so hurry to the cANYAval website while stocks last!!!


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