Destination Trinidad; The Spa “An oasis of divinity”

From time immemorial the spa has been aligned with starry eyed approval for treatment of illness, improved health and well being. Patrons flocked to mineral water ways in search of a cure to a burgeoning epidemic or a simple cleansing. Today, the spa has been transformed from an ordinary watering hole, hot spring and bath. It has been diversified  to include day , dental, ayurvedic , cruise ship , medical, mineral springs, garden, resort and mobile spas. In addition, cosmetology practices are also hosted at institutions of beautification.  Moreover, this industry is a thriving business in the 21st century, an era obsessed with health and wellness.  There is fierce competition as persons seek not only a spa experience but that unique all round tourist experience in a secret hideaway. Undoubtedly, Trinidad  is no stranger to this niche boasting of its own oasis of divinity.

The traveler who explores the tropical  manicured and pedicured landscapes of Trinidad can complete his quest as a  fulfilled and cured guest. One’s  trek along the Northern Ranges of Trinidad can discover infinite roadside springs where the cool, pristine, mineral waters of the springs trickle down the mountain sides. On an average beautiful, breathtaking day feel free to stop and fill your bottles with spring water at its purest and natural state. Mineral water has proven qualities for reducing iron deficiencies and curing skin disorders and other ailments.  Also negative hydrogen ions are created at waterfalls when the water molecules split. The negative ions join with free positive ions and neutralize the electrical charge in the air. These negative ions are also related to increasing serotonin levels in the blood stream.  Serotonin levels improve sleeping, eating patterns and overall moods in anybody counteracting bouts of fear, depression and anxiety. The gurgling sound and spray of the waterfall also aids to relax and rejuvenate individuals. Look up your local guides for information on tours to the majestic waterfalls that pulse through Trinidad. The most popular waterfalls are Brasso Seco, Paria, Matura among so many enchanted treasures.

Further south on the island, there are more natural phenomena with immense properties. The La Brea Pitch Lake an eight world wonder is more than just a site of attraction for tourists. On a rainy day, pools of water are collected and engross the many sulphuric properties of the asphalt. Locals assure that this water can cure skin ailments like psoriasis, rashes, infections and even mosquito bites.

Trinidad has  its fair share of mud volcanoes which are not as active as those from its Caricom counterpart. These are historic and natural attractions dispersed over the island. Mud and volcanic ash are known for their high propensity in sulphur. These properties can actively destroy bacteria, disinfect the blood, stimulate bile secretion, aid oxidation reactions in the body, protect protoplasm of cells, promote synthesis of collagen in cells. The bounty of beauty remedies is significant as sulphur slows down the aging process and  protects against toxic effects of pollutants and radiation. Notably, The Devil’s Woodyard in Piparo is just one of these famous mud volcanoes.

So are you Trinidad bound yet? Your physical, spiritual and mental being is at the core of  your balance if you want to be at your best. So stop procrastinating and do yourself a favor; pack up and book the next flight to destination health and wellness.  Welcome to an exotic island of immense possibilities and prosperity where your health is first priority. Release your inhibitions and let the transformation begin!