Defining Bridal Identities

So folks bridal season is here and there is so much more to being a bride  in the world of creative design and planning and the world of the “Bridezillas”. I pray you keep it together and never end up in the Jurassic Park for “Bridezillas” because it is just not a good look for anyone. I have been exposed to weddings over the last six years of my life from assisting  wedding planners and sitting in on consultations with couples for Martha Stewart Weddings, creative direction for wedding décor to blogging and even featuring a few wedding designers on my past fashion tours/parties on wheels. Nonetheless, there is something more to a wedding than a well planned event. Some weddings can actually reflect beaming rays of wedded bliss.  On that note I have put together a few tips and fun quizzes to help you define your bridal identity  and set you on your path to official wedding day plans.

Which type of bride are you?

June is usually promoted as wedding season but not every bride fancies that time of year nor the colour palette suited for that climate and season. In Trinidad we only have two seasons; dry season (December to May) and rainy season (June to November).  However, due to global warming our dry season has been a lot cooler than expected this year. Despite this fact you can still work with any of the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter as a colour palette guide to planning your wedding. I am saying this because you have more naturally existing options this way and you can really build a mood board from the inspiration of the season that makes you the happiest. I am a firm believer in colour psychology I have subscribed to it most of my life. Colour almost always makes me feel some type of way. Once you have a season and palette in mind your  planning can start to take some direction. Of course your partner is sharing this day with you so both of you should try and gauge some type of middle ground. However, if your fiancé does not mind you choosing what you want then girlfriend go ahead and make your designer moves.

Here is an awesome quiz that can help you identify which type of bride you are. Do the quiz and post your results below. I am ecstatic to find out what you got and to tell you what I got!!!!


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Which wedding style best suits your personality?

Most of the weddings I have been to resonate with the bride and groom’s personality.  I remember going to my friend’s wedding a few years ago. She had a Hindu wedding ceremony and a modern reception. I truly felt a sense of her personality in every aspect from the colour scheme (burgundy, yellow, white, gold) the music, the bridal wear, the cake, the photography, the food (Asian cuisine), the first dance (mix of modern and Indian dance choreography) and the reception after party (took place in their backyard with rustic signage, park benches, tents and countryside vibes).  My friend is warm and bubbly and she has an insatiable appetite for food, hospitality, fun and the countryside. I believe when creating matrimonial spaces the style and vibe of the space is enhanced when the personalities of the bride and groom are captured. I have placed yet another link for a personality to wedding style best fit quiz below. Do the quiz and find your style!


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Which destination is your best fit?

Now that you have figured out which type of bride you are and what style best suits your personality perhaps you can work on which destination best fits you and your groom.  Let’s try to be a bit inclusive here. We all know some grooms who rather do anything else than sit and be open and explore their inner groom persona (ha ha). It is worth the effort guys as you learn more about yourself and your partner. Destination weddings can cut a chunk out of the hassling,decorating, planning and creating spaces to host your wedding. These destinations are readily available and are naturally gorgeous to suit your wedding style whichever it may be. Nature’s design of seascapes and landscapes are compatible for your themed wedding.

I would always vote Trinidad and Tobago as the premier wedding destination because if you are a spring bride you can find a lovely garden, a summer bride can choose from many sea sides, an autumn bride can choose from forests to lakes to gardens to industrial settings and a winter bride can choose from loads of misty mountain sides. The only thing you will miss is snow. Yet, I assure you there are numerous event planners on the twin island that can get you a snow blower if you really need the snowy special effects. ( I mean we do have an annual ice party during the Carnival season so anything is possible).  Darlings once you can dream it there are planners here who will create it for you. Just visit Simone Sant-Ghuran’s, Trinidad Weddings at to find out more on the listed vendors there.

I am going to share another quiz with you below to help you determine which destination is the best fit. However, I do not want you to feel daunted if your result is a location out of your budget. I want you to remember that you can use the result as an inspiration for planning your wedding.



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I found all of these quizzes on curated by Nicole. I am in love with this site as a muse for any bride to be. It is over the top and out of this world.  However, I feel there is something for everyone. I especially love that the content is relative to design. I mean even if you are not a bride to be, not even near engaged nor in any relationship it is still useful because of the high design elements.  I recommend this site for event planners, persons in fashion or creative design and those who are curious to find out more about the role of design and how it affects our personal spaces and identity. I hope you do find some sort of motivation from my article and that it helps your creative thinking process with respect to bridal planning or even everyday scheduling for your own life and projects. Perhaps in some way it can affect positive change and help you to effect change in others