Easter Staycation ; Trinidad and Tobago

Easter Staycation in the sunny isles of Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect  time of the year for staycation fashionistas. It is not just a time for spiritual awakenings and ecclesiastic epiphanies.  This is yet another time to be empowered by the ostentatious creativity of the inner fashion soul who defies all odds and rises at Easter hot spots all over the twin island republic. Mostly, Easter sanctifies the revelation and renewal of you. So this Easter when planning your itinerary listen to your inner fashionista and be free!

Ritualistic Traditions

Easter Sunday will see many congregations of the Church attending services at some of the most beautiful churches. The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile at Mount St. Benedict was founded as a refuge for some Benedictine Monks. Mount St. Benedict is just over 100 years old. It boasts of panoramic views and escapades of tranquility from the stresses of everyday life. Also, the Cathedral at All Saints Anglican Parish which features fine British architecture is  a rare gem. It looks pretty at Queens Park Savannah West Port of Spain.



Most fashionistas are rummaging through their wardrobe for that special outfit. You can also be who you want to be and dare to try strive more vintage look this Easter with apparel by The Art of Wear. Guys, you are not left out since Ecliff Elie has sexy tailored wear just for your dashing Easter Sunday Church Couture. This Easter you can definitely put your trip to the Vatican on hold for now. So if you are visiting the Abbey or any other masterpiece cathedral you can rest assured you will not just fit in with the timeless structure but you will definitely stand out!



However, if your plans include going out to brunch with the family then you definitely need to re-evaluate your options with some island style. Heather Jones Designs exude tropical resort styles that match the needs of  that laid back but stunning fashion diva. Jau Pierre is an emerging designer whose classy but distinctive style exudes that opulent look for the glamour girl. You can add further glam to your outfit with accessories that is unique designs from Shaunelle Ramesar and “The Li Collection” from CreAtiv –  Li. Make up touch ups can be scheduled with Jalessa Jaikaran. So if you are dining out this Easter whether it’s at upscale restaurants such as The Wild Olive  at Price Plaza Chaguanas or The Relish Restaurant at The Carlton Savannah you can relax because your style will certainly be in check.


Beach fanatic

In addition, if you are the average beach bum who follows all access roads to the coolest beach parties for sun, sea, sand and fun then you need to peruse your designer look book. There are so many choices to compile in your personal beach wardrobe that you may have a difficult time deciding on a favourite.  Dominic Hutchinson from Hutch Beach Wear creates custom made swimsuits with the adventurous splash of colour and creativity. Nevertheless, I always fancy myself with the sultry and exotic designs from Fashion Goddess Chandra Maharaj whose collections are mind blowing and amazing. So if you are on your way out to Maracas or Pigeont Point do not forget to get that beach body a fabulous designer makeover!



Happy Easter and whoever you decide to wear…

Remember “He is risen” and you have that second chance at life!