Food Is The Staff of it should be…in Trinidad & Tobago

Food is the Staff of life

Predominantly, the price of food has inflated. Constantly, many search for economical ways to feed themselves. Although, it would seem when one weighs the odds the preparation of homemade meals may be cost efficient. Yet, while this holds water this is not entirely true. Carefully, the consumer must investigate alternative dining options and make the average comparison.

There is an inundation of food stalls throughout Trinidad like a roadside buffet. These food carts deliver quality and affordability to all classes and masses. The public can choose from fortifying burgers and hotdogs to suit their palette. Local food like bake and saltfish buljol or smoke herring are fortifying for everyone. There are more flexible options with pies; cheese, beef, chicken, potato.  Corn soup is another divine creation which soothes and comforts one on a cold day or any other. In addition Indian delicacies prove for a more tantric taste bud teaser. Doubles, Aloo pies , Phlouries and  Saheenas are not only exotic variations but reasonable. These national food treasures do not exceed $15. Overall, dining out is none other than a showcase for history, culture and a sweet hand without the hassle of food preparation.

Moreover, local fast food eateries can host the price for your pocket and the quantity for your hunger. Chinese restaurants are invading Trinidad’s length and width. Whilst some are more ostentatious than others there are always good buys around the corner. A dozen wantons can be quoted at most $20. Spring rolls vary according to size but can start at $10 each. A daily special consistent of fried rice, chow mein, noodles and chicken started at $15 and rose to $17.This portion can make 2 servings. The Friendship Chinese Restaurant in San Fernando is a keen example of this whether dining in or taking out. It is small but offers these dishes to compliment your budget. The service is almost impeccable even though the English is not perfect this can be excused since English isn’t their mother tongue.  Barbeque pits have popped up unanimously. The prices range start at $15 for fries and increase to around $25 with meat options. Essentially, this is another meal plan that doesn’t require a quick fix at home.

In addition, delights of buys at local shops.  From time immemorial the bakery has been the choice for many. One can enjoy the warmth of island relishes like coconut tarts, currants roll, pizza, sausage rolls, sandwiches and ice cream. Prices can start at $2 and escalate in proportion to purchases. Rituals Coffee House offers a place to relax and not only have coffee, tea or latte’s that can start at $25 but delectable fancies. Donuts are less than $10 and Jamaican Patties courtesy Tastee Patties are less than $15. Again one can have the best of both world’s while eating and relaxing at the Coffee House. Also UWI Nectars can entice you in your choice of fresh Jamaican Patties at a lower cost of $10. Next, they sell fresh fruit and an ensemble of selected punches and create your own smoothie for the health conscious consumer. Then, one can look to the Supermarket for reasonable and attractive appetizers. Cakes, biscuits, sweetbreads, chips and other snacks start under $5 and increase in ratio to purchase. Drinks start at less than $5 with a chubby and vary with choice. Alas, all is not lost since a plenitude of food is readily available for our satisfaction.

Undoubtedly, food is the staff of life that should not be kept away from people. When one chooses to prepare meals at home for whichever rationale they are allowed to do so. However, one should not be restricted to those options only. Food is an adventure. One needs to explore the hidden trails and secret passageways to isles of sumptuous dishes. Meals are reasonable, affordable and delectable. So immerse yourself in the vibrancy that is food and relish in its glory. Failure to do so and wallow in boring, bland, monotonous dishes can be detrimental to your appetite. Engage yourself and experience the food of life which was not meant to be wasted or hidden from us. Tantalize your taste buds and dine out today.