Gluten Free Ice Cream – Why Not?!

Nana Ice Cream (serves 6-12)


6 ripe bananas

6 tablespoons of cacao powder

1 cup coconut milk

1 ice tray

1 dessert bullet maker

1 food processor

20151130_121051(I hand grated local cacao blocks and the smell of cacao infused with spices and the texture…oh so earthy and lovely!)

Method (10 – 20 mins )

  • Peel bananas and throw away the skins (or add to compost heap for your garden)
  • Chop the bananas
  • Add them to your food processor and process
  • Add in coconut milk and cacao powder and process
  • Fill the ice tray with the new mix
  • Freeze overnight
  • Thaw next morning (2-7 minutes)
  • Add to dessert bullet
  • Press
  • Serve

20151202_081929(Nana Ice cream)


( I am in love with my dessert bullet)


This recipe is 100 % local!!! You can use almond milk or any milk of your choice instead of coconut milk. You can add other fruits and flavours to the mix. Basically, you can top your ice cream with as many toppings as you like for example shredded coconut or chocolate chips. If you do not have a dessert bullet you can make the mix and store it in a container in the freezer then thaw and scoop when you are ready for a bowl .

You can have a really huge bowl of this and not worry about weight gain.  It’s also good for your health. This has a strong banana flavour so it can be an acquired taste for some, an adventure taste trip for others, a more appealing dessert and or an addition to the breakfast bar for my friends out there who suffer from celiac, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and other gluten intolerance (we feel your pain too!)


For my Darlings and Divas

suffering from gluten intolerance…

Let’s Fight this Together!!!!!