Let’s Get Tribal!

If there was ever a time to wear print and pattern the most I would declare Emancipation Day the official Tribal Wear Day.  My people for this very day  there is a movement to think Tribal Wear, Live Tribal Wear and Love Tribal Wear. This special day means so much at fashion destination Trinidad and Tobago. The commemoration of a nation’s freedom reflected in an expression of print of solid and strong prints showing affection for rigid foundations of family and friendship, love and unity.

This year saw several designers getting up close and personal with modern and chic looks for tribal wear. Traditional garb is fabulous but for those who want a more stylish, unique sense of appeal then designer tribal couture is definitely the way to go! Deron Attz, a very talented designer showed his tribal collection at San Fernando Fashion Week. The collection speaks about power, strength and his passion for his fashion to combine history, culture and couture. deronattz1

While other designers are trying their hand at fabric and designing tribal clothing there is a  particular designer duo who  brought Tribal Wear to a whole new level. Oh yes ! Denneza and Patrice  Oliviere and their Tribal Footwear! Sandalias Apparel is renown for their multicoloured fashionable and trendy interchangeable sandal straps. This Emancipation they brought tribal print to the market! This particular strap is sassy and steeped in culture with immediate revelations of  “oohs” and “aahs”. This makes the wearer feel empowered and ready to break their shackles and exalt their own rendition of Ella Andall’s “Bring down the power of love…” So look no further darlings every detail you need is right here in Fashion Destination Trinidad and Tobago!


Happy Emancipation!

Remember Marcus Garvey’s words…