This thing called LIFE!



Has life hit you upstyle, downstyle? Has it hit you so hard that you are tired of falling down and you figure, “hey let me just stay down I am going to get knocked down again let me save the powers that be some energy and stress?” Fed up and tired of comparing yourself to others who are enjoying more success and treasures of life that you think you should enjoy too. After all you work just as hard so why not?!

Well, ever heard the saying “what is for for you..” Well it seems like there is some truth to some of these sayings. Wake up! Open those eyes so I can enlighten you on why not?!The thrills and shrills of life that come with hard work suggest that gratification is not an immediate reward. Of course there are many of us who toil laboriously, burn that midnight oil, make personal sacrifices all with the aim of success and the near goal that will bear fruition as soon as the work is done. Some of us do receive the bounties and blessings associated with such hard work but that is within their realm.

Simply put this is the plan that the Creator and the powers that be have mapped out carefully for those individuals. So do not mope and sigh and compare yourself because this just means your time is soon approaching but you need a little more preparation and a few more tests of faith to make sure you are equipped and ready to handle your role. Your role may be more spectacular, very significant and particular so care is taken so that you learn and grow and get back on your feet after you fell down. Oh yes your map has been planned out so keep those eyes, ears, brain and heart open so you can pick up all the hidden clues and gleaming lessons that you have been taking for granted.

You may find it odd that although you planned a particular direction for your life  disregarding your trials and tribulations to get there stuff keeps happening and leading you in a total different direction. Take heed this is the time when you need to stop, reflect, observe and listen to what is going on. This is your life, your story that’s waiting to be told. It’s begging you to see the light, the path that you need to be on en route to destination success, life fulfillment and purpose.

So get up! Recognize what’s going on around you, embrace it, have some patience and get ready to water and nurture that seed of your new life. Honey, what you do in this time between you falling on the ground and deciding whether to get back up and what you are going to do when you get back up is crucial to dictating the pace and status of your life. Again what is for you will always be for you so quit comparing yourself! Quit moaning about it! Stand up and take back your life! Do something about it! Remember The Almighty created everyone in His image. You are beautiful! You are brilliant! The best is yet to come so get out of “Calle Glum” and move over to “Avenida  Bliss” and please people look out for the signs!