Adventure tourism; Life’s an adventure… let the journey begin!

Tired of living that old boring life yet?!

Are you living your life to the fullest?!

Do you need a new “pick me up?”

Well sugar muffin it’s time you made the leap

Yes the leap of faith over to…

             The wild side!

Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago, a twin island famous for its industrial, manufacturing, business ventures, wild life, carnival, religious festivals and sumptuous food.

But guess what?!  That’s not all!!!

It’s deepest secrets are hidden in an explosion of adrenaline pumping, high energy mind blowing adventure tourism!

Adventure tourism is a relatively new concept which depicts activities that range from low to high risks in a wilderness setting. These activities are packaged and delivered to the anticipating tourist or adventure fanatic who enjoys overwhelming satisfaction from their adventure experience. Adventure tourism can take the form of activities in the water, great heights and speed. Other destinations are becoming quite knowledgeable of the need to diversify their product and so they have been capitalizing on this new niche market, adventure tourism. In South Africa, there are many adventures to behold such as “The Great White trail.” Tourist take off to Seal Island just off the coast of Cape Town to go “ shark cage diving.” The unbelievable opportunity to see the Great White shark by snorkeling with other guests and professional guides shark in its natural habitat!

So is Trinidad and Tobago poised for adventure tourism?

Of course we are! Let me fill you in!

Technical driving, speed and car endurance rally up the teams because Trinidad and Tobago will take you on a quality stage set for rough gravel riding and dust blowing action! Caribbean drivers and their car rally teams come to “Rally Trinidad,” the event in the True Caribbean. Here they can enjoy the best of all worlds in one country and race professionally in the terrain of the exotic Trinidad and Tobago. Car rallying is an extremely competitive sport in the islands.  Usually, the competition spans four days. The routes are mapped out from Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain and heads south then ends at Saith Park Chaguanas for The Mayor’s prize giving ceremony. This twin island state is the empire for full throttle action as only the best drivers compete for first place feats.

So, you like speed ?! Well you will definitely like our hydro adventures even more!

Imagine a 46ft catamaran blasting off from Trinidad’s foreshore. Then roughing out the waves to Scaborough. Saltwater spraying your competitors as you compete with other V8 engine power boats racing to reach the finish line and cop the title of winner for “The Carib Great Race Competition.”  The adrenaline, the hype, the pomp, the prize and the bragging rights for a year. This signs and seals the sweet deal for using skill and mastering the art of power boat racing using   machines built for power! Oh yes! Every year visitors from all over the world look out for this event. The event does not stand alone as a 6 day party which began as “Great Fete Weekend” leads up to and concludes “The Great Race.”  The sister island Tobago is flooded with activity as the world is not only exposed to fine sailing and racing at its best but also the True Caribbean experience of diverse cultures coming together as ONE.

Do you ever hear that calling? Or feel the need to be at one with the Ocean?!

Well another budding tale of adventure for you mermaids and mermen is the artistry of professional surfing in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  International surfers come to the shores of San Souci Trinidad to vie for first place amidst their Caribbean neighbours. The conditions are perfected; weather, wave, wind.  Then, there’s the local entertainment and food which sets the tone for beach bums and beach babes who gather to support their favourite surfer. Skilled maneuvers and powerful surfers become one with the water as they glide, slide, surf and soar through crashing five to seven feet tunnels of barreling waves.  There are even bikini competitions for the beach body champions and those who love to goggle! Not forgetting the event is transformed into a huge street party with much merriment and unity.

It’s time to bring out your inner “surfer soul!”

The landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago were once part of the Amazonian jungle. So it’s only by default and pure luck that we have been blessed with the bounty and beauty of well sculpted mountains, hill sides. These add edge to our destination’s character; mystery and wait for it…..adventure! Oh yes I am talking about rock climbing! The most beautiful thing about a rock climbing tour is it sets you apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reels you in to become at peace with yourself and nature. You are introduced to a whole new world of challenge; a physical challenge of fitness, stamina, skill and hard core rock climbing fun. Igneous rocks, limestone and heights of twenty to ninety feet lure many tourists to book rock climbing tours in exotic Trinidad. Tours usually start off with treks in rain forests and climax to the designated walls and cliffs some of which are part of cave formations. “Point Gourde,” “ Screaming Capuchin,” “Rory’s Glory,” “ Majestic Macajuel” and “San Fernando Hill” are just some of the many fond rock climbing ventures  in Trinidad.

Are you up for the challenge?!

Let’s go Trinidad and Tobago it’s time to set the pace and lead the race!

Adventure Tourism the way forward for The True Caribbean?!

It’s time to REPRESENT!

Are you in it … to win it?!lgttlady