Christmas By Design

Creativity in Trinidad is anything but seasonal. Trinidad and Tobago prepares for the holidays as others would prepare for an Olympic sport. A series of inconspicuous activities become the main focus in preparation for the festivities; cleaning, decorating, baking, cooking, enjoying each other’s company and helping each other out. The season is a breath of creativity; a time and space to be inspired and to be an inspiration. There is a reason for the season as the spirit of Christmas comes alive and the true identity of the Trinidad and Tobago nationality emerges. Their inherent nature of being warm, kind and hospitable takes center stage and hardly goes unnoticed.

Here are a few of our editor's picks for Christmas by Design.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are great concept tools to help set the theme and pace for design. It's a guide for design inspiration and it is very easy to complete digitally or as a physical board. Mood boards are meant to inspire design rather than act as a shopping list.There are three design inspirations that speak to different design aesthetics below; Pink Glam ( a soft pastel palette with mixed metallics), Red December (an ode to poinsettias with a twist on the traditional with a few pops of white) and Natural Chic December ( a green, gold and white take on a clean aesthetic that is humbled by natural textures and tones of nature with a hint of glam).

Pink Glam December
Red December
Natural Chic December

The Christmas Card

A novelty and an almost sacred tradition is the Christmas card. For many Trinbagonians, the Christmas card is a thoughtful gesture. A handwritten note shares a heartfelt sentiment or two and becomes a keepsake cherished for the many years to come. Be inspired to create your own digital or handmade but be sure to let your message speak from the heart. Our editor features three cards below in keeping with the Pink Glam December, Red December and Natural Chic December themes.

Pink Card
Pointsettia Card
Gold Cardx

Trini Christmas Games

This may or may not be that new but Trini Christmas Games are the new way to "break the ice" at the next Christmas office party. It's great to have a filler for those awkward Christmas dinners or parties where there is a lull and hosts need to fill the gap. These games educate and engage the party people so that idle conversations do not become the main attraction of the party.