Jhagi bhai- An Indian Arrival Day Reflection


So they arrived in 1845 on the Nelson Island

Some of them came heavy with burden

seeking a new life

one that would save them from strife

They left India

they ventured to foreign land

Trinidad and Tobago estate Mainland

Indentured 1845-1917


A new life they did start here

Today we have roti, curry and phlourie

Indian sweets like barfi and jalebi


Festival of Colour

spraying of abeer says “Phagwa”

Festival of light

And the biggest Indian heritage site

Divali Nagar



Beside a 85ft Hanuman Murti

and the old Temple by the sea

temple murti

the Indians brought their fashion

that is more visible for all to see

Indian expos and regular boutiques bring sari and shalwar

but Trinidad and Tobago’s House of Jaipur creates their own


With a song in their heart and the beat of the people

Tassa drums and Indian classical

Mungal Patasar and Shiv Shakti dance group

The evolution of Ravi B, Rikki Jai and JMC Triveni

Chutney Bacchanal right here in Trini!


Oh yes! They really did it!

They contributed more than a language of Hindi, film and caricature

their inherent religion of Hinduism as well

They brought a culture

and they imparted their knowledge


Today we celebrate

A nation that has been rebirth

an Independent nation

free from indenture

Joining our brothers and sisters as one unit

one people

Our beautiful Trinidad and Tobago!