Tastebud Spa Treatment – Yogurtland!!!

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“Those of you with the sweet tooth would know what I’m talking about here even my health fanatics. On a sweltering day in tropical heaven  or a gloomy and overcast day there’s one place where the anticipation of  “do it yourself” means much more! Be enlightened with a ‘taste bud spa treatment’ at Yogurtland!”

I was having one of those bittersweet moments you know the one where you are strung out, caught up and just don’t know what to do when I decided to try something this new dessert place called Yogurtland! Immediately I felt transformed stepping into the quarters of Yogurtland with happy vibes emanating from their pretty painted walls, chairs and the overall aesthetics. It’s not overkill it’s perfect; clean look, nice smell and just calling out my inner happiness! I was welcomed by what seemed to be my personal butler who escorted me to the yogurt machines and briefed me on flavours and textures and toppings and purchase via weight. There’s even a special promotion where if your yogurt weighs 10 ounces on a Tuesday you get it free!

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Of course I tried everything! It was so thrilling to create my own yogurt cup and weigh it with the anticipation of hoping to reach that 10 ounce scale! I had some mango, banana and some strawberry shortcake. My friend had cheesecake, cookies n cream and chocolate! I was overjoyed to spend quality time with her. I love Yogurtland because it is fantastic for sharing chit chat with family and friends! We raced to the scale and we were one ounce away from the prize! We decided to fill our cup again and weighed in but we were one ounce over the top! Nevertheless, it was some good yogurt with the milky flavours like chocolate being simply decadent  and the fruity flavors being light and sweet. I reveled at the fact that eating so many different flavours did not leave a bad after taste nor did it make me feel queasy! Undoubtedly, it changed my mood and I almost changed my name to Bliss because it evoked pure contentment!

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Thank you Yogurtland you certainly fulfilled my expectations and even a little more.

You will forever have a special place in my heart for making Trinidad and Tobago relish in this new experience of healthy eating without guilty feelings!

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Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago!