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The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Twenty20 Cricket Tournament is a hot topic with locals in Trinidad. Recently, Marylebone Cricket Club drafted a dress code which permits entrance into the Lord’s Cricket grounds. Some of these include shirts with collars for gentlemen but no polo shirts, T-shirts or anything made of denim. Whilst the ladies are banned from wearing bikini tops, bare midriffs, leggings without skirt. There is even a picture card to reinforce what the ideal dress code looks like. This immediately makes me think whether our cricket club needs to instill a few of these rules at Queen’s Park Oval? Our islanders are noted for wearing the said banned clothing items.Basically, this  could be a good thing or a bad thing.  My personal opinion is that this definitely spurs a fashion conscious cricket movement that could sweep the entire Caribbean!


So if we were to endorse these rules I still think our Caribbean designers would be able to add pomp and flair to Cricket Couture. The Art of Wear has a retro collection that maintains that golden era look with Hollywood pizzazz and an exotic twist of colour. Some of the designer’s dresses are at knee length and would work wonderfully for the event. Meiling has a few pieces in her Shirt Tales collection that speak volumes about classy couture that can be included for a Cricket finish. While there are other designers that would be on demand I believe Deron Attz and his tribal prints can make an eloquent but maintain the Caribbean’s ethnic aesthetic in its appearance at the cricket pavilion. These are my quick picks for CPL Cricket Couture!

artofwear shirt tales dattzCome out and support your team Red Steel Trinidad and Tobago!


Join the movement- #fashionconsciouscricketcouture

Let’s Go Trinidad and Tobago!! REPRESENT!!