Steve Ouditt Unrehearsed

He is unrehearsed, unforgiving, and a relentless brawn of a one of a kind Trinidadian artist. Conveniently, his studio is currently located  in Woodbrook, Trinidad upstairs the Costa Rican embassy at 38 Carlos Street next to the Church of God. I advise the visitor to leave your preconceived notions about art at the roadside before you enter that gate. Try to walk in like a blank canvas to soak in the wealth of expression and inspiration about to be bestowed upon you. Oh yes, Steve Ouditt is definitely the game changer you need to be wary of because antics, skill, creativity and perspective will blow you away! ( Of course I did not take any pictures!  In other words… “get up and go see yourself.”)

Steve Ouditt is an entrepreneur, designer , artist who exudes the beacon of pioneer. His education and practice has taken him global with several documented publications on his work  in Germany, China, Jamaica, India, Holland, London, Australia and the USA to name a few. It’s amazing how he’s been able to realize his potential internationally then to return to share that knowledge and experience in his life with whomever he has that interaction and his profession where he lectures at The University of the West Indies. Often some artists are chauvinistic, egocentric and  tend to be more boldface than their work. However,  Steve Ouditt  has the tenacity to expose to society the reality of life in his fearless, daring and sometimes disturbing pieces of  work. Yet, he maintains that keen sense of  humility often reflected in his hospitality.  Humility, undying passion for social change, art and design, his global experience, Trinidadian identity can only spur him on to move more mountains.

Its amazing to see an artist who has carved out a distinct niche of art form that is exceptional and full of caricature. I feel proud to be Caribbean being at his studio. I see my Trinidadian aesthetic and heritage brought out in every drawing and work of art. The aesthetic I see is not so much of fruits and vegetables but  a reflection of our identity, psychology our genetic and societal being that’s been consumed by the artist, absorbed and spilled out on a canvas in perspectives inspired by our life. He is known for his work with mental health as this was his first showing in his home country since being away for so long. It’s astounding how the location of this studio is so ideal. It is smack in the middle of the heart beat of the island where one can observe the human puppets playing out  a sweet strain of life jeered on by the puppet master that is society. Every visitor feels welcomed at the studio with open arms and “irie” island vibes. You are treated like you belong rather like you have the blessing of being witness to life unfolding in different bits or pieces.

So artisans, future designers and creative junkies and you my dear reader get up and go check it out ..this is not your typical design studio… I promise!

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