5 lessons from Heather Jones International

“Heather is a quintessential artist of this millennium representing the transitional era of self-assertion and individuality. Her designs are motivated to make women feel good about themselves, to empower and inspire.

The endless limitation of her work is like a powerful river with countless branches, which develops into outrageous waterfalls. Her work brings a divine blessing to each individual that comes into contact with her designs.

They can imagine the warm tropical nights, cool sensuous days, deliciously soothing waters, the earthly rich flora of orchids and hibiscuses; all woven into the magical loom that Heather creates.”


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International

I first met Heather at the first Tobago Fashion Coda (although I do not think she remembers me or that anybody remembers much ha ha except that it was an awesome night!). The committee had just invited persons to indulge in the all inclusive refreshments done by the Tobago Hotel School. There we saw Heather and approached her to say “hello” and extend our congratulations to her on her collection. She was absolutely “down to earth” and so warm in her response to us. This is something I will forever cherish. I also take forward with me in life a few lessons from that moment. The first lesson is no matter who you are and whichever fields you assert yourself in always remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. The second lesson is people will remember you for character. Hence with that being said I am jumping into my Heather Jones Designs International review.


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International

I grew up hearing and seeing Heather Jones Designs broadcasted on television or glorifying the newspapers (yes I used to read the paper before the advent of online news). My chats with Leasel Rovedas and Omzadd Khan would further reveal that Heather even designed and supplied the Caribbean Airlines uniforms (no wonder our flight attendants look so beautiful). They would further confirm that although people are more conscious of the fashion industry today in Trinidad entrepreneurship still requires a lot of work before results are realized. In one of our discussions we realized that Heather really has accomplished a lot over the decades; working at her craft. It is safe to say her success did not happen overnight and this remains the third lesson I wish to note for my own life.


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International

Heather Jones achieved the “International Pret a Porter Style Award” for  Fashion Week of the Americas in 2002. She went on to win “Woman of Great Esteem Award” from New York’s Woman of Great Esteem Foundation 2005. In 2008 she received the award for “Best Trinidad and Tobago Designer.” Then she achieved “The Chaconia Gold Medal,” a national award from her home country Trinidad and Tobago for her contribution in fashion in 2009. Despite receiving awards it seemed Heather understood that this alone does not translate to “Ah Reach”.  This is my fourth lesson from Heather Jones. There are no limits for success only room for improvement and these accolades were only material confessions that Heather Jones was on to something and she needed to listen to her intuition and figure out what’s next for her brand and how can she do this better.


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International

I must commend Heather’s focus on her art, her strategic planning and execution as Heather Jones Designs catapulted further to become international. Her collections were already being sold in about thirty stores in the U.S.A and were now being showcased on the global map from Asia, Europe to the Mediterranean markets. The highlights of these shows included attending “Me My Mode Show” in Paris in 2012, “Labo Ethnik Fashion and Lifestyle” in  Paris in 2014, “The Gallery in Berlin” in 2013, “Japan International Fashion Week”, “Miami Fashion Week”, “Unconventional Wedding District” in Milan and “Mediterranean Fashion Dreams” in Italy. Currently her collections are being sold in Japan and Italy among other destinations. Undoubtedly, Heather Jones has put Trinidad and Tobago on the world map.


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International

dress-with-wrapPhoto Credit: Heather Jones International

Heather Jones designs Prêt a Porter, Luxury, Resort, Bridal even Monday Wear and Fete Wear. The art of hand painting which she acquired was passed down to her from generation to generation. She aces garment construction and actually learned this from an early age. However, the striking thread that ties Heather Jones Designs International from where she started to the direction she is headed would be the marriage of traditional with contemporary in such a way that her creations are timeless and transitional. Heather Jones is relevant to her target market across many oceans in varying cultures in different age groups. She is cognizant of the trends, styles, colours, designs and fuses that with the uniqueness of her perspective of the Caribbean rather the way she views it. She finishes her designs with authenticity from her signature which is hand painting.  Anyone can spot a purchase from Heather Jones Designs International immediately because her aesthetic is so identifiable. Similarly anyone wearing merchandise from Heather Jones Designs International will be easily spotted because her work stands out anywhere and everywhere. Heather Jones Designs International is an iconic brand that captures the essence of Trinidad and Tobago. Our culture is a melting pot of influences. We are a “fusion people”. The designer understands this in fact she is a product of this environment. She is alert to all of this therefore she channels this into her designs and it is inevitable that the finished product encapsulates fusion fashion.

heather-hand-paintedPhoto Credit: Heather Jones International

hj-resort-dressPhoto Credit: Heather Jones International

Notwithstanding, this nation is very fortunate to have someone so valuable, alive and approachable for consultation on the way forward for Trinidad and Tobago’s creative industries. At first glance the average person browsing her collections or viewing a random piece in a magazine or newspaper may not think that this woman, this creative entrepreneur, this iconic designer is so stellar or that she packs all these titles and accolades behind her name. Here is where I take my fifth lesson from Heather Jones. The lesson here is not to build to display but build to “disappear” or “work behind the scenes” to accomplish your life purpose. This is such a paradox as the fashion world is one that requires creating illusions, fostering imagination and brand communication through visual appeal. However, building to disappear and fulfill your purpose rather than building to “show off” can be done and Heather is a prime example of that. She has been building her empire in the fashion world neither for ostentatious, selfish purposes nor for expectations of recognition and status quo but for her life’s purpose. She exercises her will to realize her purpose in life by making the dreams of other women come true when she designs her collections. Her intentions are pure. She makes women feel better, feel empowered and feel inspired to go out into the world and complete their purpose too.


Photo Credit: Heather Jones International

resort-heatherPhoto Credit: Heather Jones International

You can visit her website to preview her collection if you wish to stand out in local designer wear this Trinidad Carnival 2017 at www.heatherjonesinternational.net or visit her facebook page at www.facebook.com/heatherjonesinternational or call her up at 1.868.622.9075 or 1.868.467.9756

Heather Jones Designs International will be on my Carnival Fashion Tour this Saturday 11th February 2017. Booking for the tour is available and you can send an email to letsgotrinidadandtobago@gmail.com to register.





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