Trini Christmas Wish List – To Do

If you are visiting Trinidad and Tobago for the Holidays there are many things to do to enjoy a true Trini Christmas. The people of Trinidad and Tobago are very creative. This boldfaced creativity is anything but seasonal. Anyone interested in the destination can spot this creative energy in the food, the music, the everyday lifestyle, the way the locals work and the way they party. Popular festivals such as Carnival highlight this creativity but the far lesser known and perhaps even captivating festivity also occurs during the Holidays, a pre-cursor to Trinidad Carnival.

Here are our Editor’s Top Picks for The Trini Christmas Wish List – Things to Do

“Up to Now” – Solo Exhibition by Nicholas Huggins

Are you captivated by creative murals and artistic direction that moves your soul? Nicholas Huggins is a local creative director and digital artist that you need to know. He has earned his stripes in the region for his creativity working with several established private and public sector entities. His career highlight came when he teamed up with Lennox Boogsie Sharpe (Pan Soloist), Etienne Charles (Composer)and Mick Seegobin (Motion Design) to create a Google Doodle for Google in celebration of steelpan. Nicholas’ design aesthetic is his signature love mark on this world. It is so distinct that even the untrained designer eye can identify it. If you have not fallen in love with his work yet there is still a chance that you will.  Nicholas Huggins is hosting a solo art exhibition, “Up to Now” featuring prints from his digital work, paintings, drawings and  so much more.  This is an exclusive experience because this is his first ever solo exhibition. We promise that when you fall head over heels with his work you are going to want to grow in love with his pieces. Nicholas makes your wish come true this season as his exhibiting pieces are also available for sale. This means that you can take them home with you. It also means they are the quintessential Trini souvenir and gift for your loved ones away or for your best friends who enjoy representing their nationality by showcasing their patriotism.

"Up to Now" - Event Details

  • Date: 19th to 23rd December 2023
  • Location: Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Federation Park
  • Opening Night: Tuesday 19th December 2023, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Exhibit Continues: Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd December 2023, 12 noon – 6 pm daily

Paramin for Christmas, “The Experience”                                                Hosted by Nakita Henry of Patriotic TT

If you enjoy a stayover in Trinidad and Tobago, here’s an all-inclusive experience that depicts an immersive tale of the origins and heritage that help define a Trini Christmas. The cocoa panyols (espanols) settled in several communities throughout the island when they brought their expertise in cocoa farming to the cocoa estate and industry. Cocoa panyols influenced Trini Christmas by sharing their traditions of music, food and festivity. One such community located in the pristine hills of Paramin  is situated amidst some of the most spectacular scenic views. Tourists can expect to engage with the locals and see firsthand the preparations of an authentic Trini Christmas. Fortunately, Patriotic TT, a reputable company known for their patriotism and passion for Trinidad and Tobago has organized a tour this December that can’t be missed. Paramin for Christmas, The Experience has to be on the checklist for things to do in Trinidad this Christmas.

  • Date: 21st December 2023
  • Time: 1pm to 6pm
  • Prices: TT$400/adult, TT$275/kid
  • Features: La Vigie Lookout, Caves, Church
  • Food & Drink: Bread and Ham, Pastelle, Sorrel, Local Wines
  • Experience: Traditional Cooking Artform for Trini Christmas Ham – Ham Boiling in Pitch Oil Tin
  • Listen: Live Parang Music
  • Bookings:
  • Phone: +1 868 – 784 – 5269

UpMarket - Trini Christmas Market

The creative work of  Trinbagonians; the creative entrepreneurs, the artists, the designers and the artisans is loud enough to speak volumes of the nation’s creative imagination. Creative markets are events that highlight art, craft, food and unique finds and take place throughout the calendar year. The adept hosts of creative markets in Trinidad and Tobago offer a Christmas twist for the holidays with festive creations inspired by local culture. Any visitor looking for the real treasure of the islands will find the bounty at these markets. The creative energy at these markets is so invigorating that one has to experience it to believe it. Visitors will find bespoke designs, rare keepsakes and design inspiration there. There are lots of markets to choose from with each offering a convenient location and an incredible mix of artisans and creativity. UpMarket is the first established and longest standing creative market in Trinidad and Tobago. The market curator, Janet Bloom Fabres positions the UpMarket experience as the premier market in the destination. This Christmas visitors enjoy flexible shopping with day and night time markets at The Lions Cultural Centre in Woodbrook.

Day Markets - 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

  • Sunday 17th Dec. 2023
  • Saturday 23rd Dec. 2023
  • Sunday 24th  Dec. 2023

Night Markets -  3 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

  • Wednesday 20th Dec. 2023
  • Thursday 21st Dec. 2023
  • Friday 22nd Dec. 2023

Happy Holidays!