Light and Colour by Antonio Figuero

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Light and Colour By Antonio Figuero

25th October, 2021: Inspiration comes in a number of ways, but for oil painter Antonio Figuero, light reigns supreme. 

This is evident throughout his works, often set in the outdoors - or plein air - with scenes and captures of fleeting moments at different times of day. For many of us, such moments would pass us by, insignificant and unmemorable, but Figuero’s work has a way of making one pause, reflecting on the nostalgia of a similar memory in one’s own life, perhaps. There lies a story in the stillness of the landscape or the magnificence of the sunset, characters and creatures scattered or hidden throughout the scene that bring that stillness to life before the moment passes. It’s in the way the light hits the water, or perhaps in how it highlights an easily overlooked detail at a very specific time of day as he drives past on his way home, causing him to stop and take it all in. This, he says, is how he creates.

Figuero’s signature style is evident in his latest offering, a solo exhibition aptly entitled Light and Colour, opening at Arnim’s Art Galleria, 27 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain on November 1st and running until November 13th.  Light and Colour is a display of several months of quiet observation of a variety of locations across Trinidad, from landscapes to rural settings, truly solidifying this artist’s mastery of plein air painting. 

Visitors can look forward to seeing the island and all its hidden glory, musing over the stories and interactions unfolding before their eyes. While some of the pieces are purely an appreciation for the way light works to create colour, such as the piece Glory, others are significant contributions to the cultural and historical landscape, like The Graveyard Shift in the Moonlight series, which is the last painting of the famous Powergen stacks, recorded on canvas just days before they were taken down once and for all. This display of works follows the release of Figuero’s first book Diaries of An Artist earlier this year, where viewers were invited to indulge in the stories behind the paintings and learn more about how they came to be, from a personal, historical and cultural perspective. 

Light and Colour promises to be a treat for art lovers, new and seasoned alike, with pieces to suit every taste, including the reveal of Figuero’s largest oil painting to date.

Gallery hours are: 

Opening day, Monday 1st November: 12pm to 7pm 

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm 

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Admission is free. 

All COVID safety protocols are in effect.


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